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Email: info@Infinitekm.com
Phone: 1-866-367-0123
Web: www.infinitekm.com 

InfiniteKM is a cloud-based sales and service enablement platform supporting channel sales and contact centers. Our platform helps clients sell more and service better by increasing colleague and customer engagement while significantly improving operational efficiencies.
InfiniteKM transforms the way brands interacts with customers. Our integrated desktop knowledge base provides multi-channel consistency of messaging and brand. Policies, procedures, training content, communications, and critical business information can all be stored, distributed, and accessed by the contact center through a single, customizable, and collaborative tool set. CSAT and FCRR go up, AHT and the volume of escalations go down.
Organizations gain insight into their operations, enabling teams to adapt and succeed in today’s fast-paced markets. Our mission is to help organizations deliver critical information to their employees and clients to improve customers’ experience, increase sales, and provide leadership with valuable insights for continuous improvement.


Contact: Ivan Kovacevic
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Phone: 1-888-9NUVOXX (1-888-968-8699)
Cell: 647-771-4773
Web: www.nuvoxx.com


The NuVoxx team has almost two decades of experience delivering cloud-based hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, voice broadcasting and other automated voice services. Over the years, the NuVoxx team has provided IVR services to some of the largest contact center outsourcing organizations in North America as well as a number of Fortune 500 companies, government and non-profit organizations.

The combined experience of the team in designing voice applications along with broad-based expertise in the contact center industry blends into a unique mix of technology and business solutions. Cloud-based hosted IVR applications designed and hosted by NuVoxx are seamlessly integrated with other aspects of our clients’ customer care strategy including in-house and outsourced contact center agents, real time CRM database(s), corporate branding and other facets of your business. Beyond just IVR services, we inject efficiencies into your customer engagement model, ensuring a rapid ROI from our services.

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Email: hello@procedureflow.com
Phone: 1-888-827-3918
Web: www.procedureflow.com


We help businesses and organizations be the best they can be, by creating a better knowledge experience. As your organization grows, it becomes harder to retain that “special sauce” that your customers love; inconsistencies creep in and best practices don’t get shared properly. ProcedureFlow exists to help companies capture their best practices in a way that’s easy to follow and share them across the whole company. This will result in higher quality work and consistently great customer experiences. Our customers boast a reduction in on-boarding time by 50-90%, increase in CSAT scores 5-8%, and a reduction in call centre operating costs of 5%. Want to hear more from our customers? Read more here. Or interested in seeing ProcedureFlow?



Email: canada@five9.com 
Web: View


Five9 is an industry-leading provider of cloud contact center solutions, bringing the power of cloud innovation to more than 2,000 customers worldwide and facilitating billions of customer engagements annually. Five9 provides end-to-end solutions with digital engagement, analytics, workforce optimization, and AI to increase agent productivity and deliver tangible business results. The Five9 platform is reliable, secure, compliant, and scalable. Designed to help customers reimagine their customer experience, the Five9 platform connects the contact center to the business while delivering exceptional customer experiences that build loyalty and trust.



Email: corinna.grassam@talkdesk.com
Web: www.talkdesk.com


Talkdesk® is the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises. Combining enterprise performance with consumer simplicity, Talkdesk easily adapts to the evolving needs of support and sales teams and their end-customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, productivity and cost savings. Over 1,800 innovative companies around the world rely on Talkdesk to make customer experience their competitive advantage. Learn more and request a demo at www.talkdesk.com.

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Whiz Brain Design


Email: service@whizbraindesign.com
Web: www.whizbraindesign.com

Whiz Brain Design is a high impact and affordable design studio specializing in website look and feel, usability, SEO and function.  Whiz Brain also works on special design projects including logo creation and brand assets, print and online ads, media, posters, flyers, emails and more.  

Whiz Brain is extremely proud to support the amazing work done by the Greater Toronto Contact Centre Association by developing this site.  


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Fonolo provides call-back software for the call center. Your customers will never wait on hold again, regardless of where the conversation begins – web, mobile or inbound call.
Our cloud-based technology allows for easy integration with minimal impact to your call center and existing processes. An optional on-premise appliance can also be added to comply with strict security requirements.
Fonolo's In-Call Rescue solution gives customers the option to "press 1 to get a call-back from the next agent", while our Web and Mobile solutions allow them to request a call-back without having to call you first.
More info: Fonolo.com or info@fonolo.com

Loyalty One

Web: www.loyaltyone.com




Star Telecom

Contact: Ivan Kovacevic
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Phone: 647-771-4773
Web: www.startelecom.ca

Star Telecom is a SIP Trunking provider based in Toronto, Canada. Our SIP Trunking service is designed to address the complex telecommunications needs of contact centers and enterprises.
Star Telecom was established in March of 2008 by a team of highly experienced telecommunications and contact centers solutions specialists who recognized that the Canadian contact centre industry is not being adequately serviced by the incumbent carriers. Our expertise in the contact centre space is built upon our involvement in the industry spanning over two decades, the number of contact centre implementations we run and the number of calls we route for contact centres (over 30 million per month as of Jan 2015).
Our differentiators are Quality, Reliability, Flexibility, Scalability, Experience and Cost.


Contact Point 360 – BPO

Contact: Elizabeth Sedlacek, VP, Client Relations and Partnerships

Email: Elizabeth.sedlacek@contactpoint360.com
Phone: 416-662-2444
Web: http://www.contactpoint360.com/


Contact Point 360 (CP360), a contact centre with laser focus on customer-centric services, reduced cost to serve, and expertise in key industries and verticals is a brand that has quickly come to be associated with superior service and innovative solutions. With four state of the art contact centres, two in Ontario, one in Quebec and one in South America, CP360 is well poised to service multiple business categories and in multiple deliverable profiles. As a growing organization with over 400 employees and seasoned management across the globe, we deliver customized solutions that fit our clients’ business model. We offer turnkey solutions that improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and retention on the way to help you achieve your business goals. We will grow your business in the following areas:

·       Retention Programs

·       Customer Service

·       Back Office Processing 

·       Telemarketing and Sales

·       Sales Support

·       Collection Management

·       Fundraising, Customer Surveys

·       Analytical Support.

Our doors are open please give us a call and we’d be delighted to have you as our guest. 



Contact: Martin Tracey

Email: marty@lantelligence.com

Phone: 760-444-9119

Web: www.lantelligence.com


Since 1998, LANtelligence has thrived as a professional services organization with a focus in design, implementation, and support of complete Unified Communications and Cloud Contact Center Solutions across the United States and Canada. Our success comes from combining in-depth experience and deep knowledge of our engineering team to architect and implement the right solution. At LANtelligence, we live and die by customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive 9-step project management process ensures a solution built to meet our customers’ requirements. We provide 24/7/365 live technical support for any issue. There’s no waiting for an email response. Just pick up the phone and we’re there for you. LANtelligence also has a diverse employee culture, shaped by different backgrounds and cultures across the globe. Our mission statement is “to redefine value and objectivity in the technology sales and support experience. Ensuring the best technology choices are instrumental to our customers success story and in the growth of their business.

Chorus Tree.png

Chorus Tree

Contact: Neal Dlin

Email: service@chorustree.com

Phone: 416-671-8207

Web: www.chorustree.com



Contact: Kyle Lacy

Email: kyle.lacy@lessonly.com

Lessonly is a powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice and do better work. We are used by 3 million learners at more than 1000 leading companies including Trunk Club, Jostens, and U.S. Cellular to power enablement, develop skills and reinforce best practices. The result is faster onboarding, higher NPS scores, More closed deals, and a superior customer experience. learn more at lessonly.com 



Contact: Robin Malhotra

Email: robin.malhotra@servion.com

For more than 25 years, Servion has been trusted by customer-centric brands for architecting, implementing, and managing Contact Centers and Customer Experience (CX) solutions. Servion delivers complete solutions for businesses to innovate in providing digital experiences using teh best available technologies.

Our 1,000 CX professionals apply their passion and deep domain expertise to the entire build-run-optimize solution lifecycle. Servion has helped 600 enterprises across the globe deliver great experiences to their customers, partners, and employees.





PCI Pal provides secure payment solutions for contact centres and businesses taking Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments. PCI Pal's globally accessible cloud platform empowers organisations to take payments securely without bringing their environments into scope of PCI DSS and other relevant data security rules and regulations. With the entire product portfolio served from PCI Pal's cloud environment, integrations with existing telephony, payment, and desktop environments is simple and light-touch, ensuring no degradation of service while achieving security and compliance.

TE-Active Logo.png


Web: www.TE-active.com 

At TE-active, we strive to deliver superior customer experiences that help companies build long-lasting connections with its customers. TE-active offer complete CX solutions across all stages of the customer experience journey, to businesses across multiple industries including retail, finance, healthcare, logistics, technology, travel and hospitality to over 20 million active customers. Using our state of the art omni-channel capabilities, we make sure that customers get the assistance they need in whatever way they wish to communicate. By blending technology with highly trained and skilled staff, we help ensure that customers will receive the care that they need efficiently and seamlessly. Simply put, we work hard to turn customers into loyal fans. TE-active is a one-stop shop for all your CX needs.

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thatguy logo pos_4x-100 - small.jpg

THATGUY Media Group

Contact: George Tsioutsioulas

Phone: 416-456-5078

Web: www.thatguymediagroup.com

Wellness Partners

The Sole Point logo - meditation.jpg

The Sole Point

Contact: Carol Heslin Leigh

Phone: 416-605-1056

Web: www.thesolepoint.ca

Founded by Carol Heslin Leigh, The Sole Point’s mission is Mind. Body. Balance. When you are calm, focused, and free of pain, you have the ability to enjoy a healthy and productive life, personally and professionally.

Whether you chose to experience The Sole Point’s Reflexology and Meditation services in our studio for private treatments, or in your workplace as part of your wellness strategy, our purpose is to help you, and your employees, feel better, sleep better and be more productive.