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Mental Health Support Systems

Thursday, January 18 | Virtual Webinar
Time & Location

January 18, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Virtual Webinar

Panel Members
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Kristen Dempsey

Senior Training Specialist, Learning & Development, MCAP

Meet Kristen, a Senior Training Specialist at MCAP, fueled by a genuine passion for mental health and overall well-being. With a social work degree, Kristen has always set her sights on helping others reach their full potential and achieve ultimate success. She took the initiative to establish the grassroots committee, the Wellness Ambassadors, a dedicated committee of seven individuals. Together, they regularly collaborate to organize and implement initiatives that foster a culture of well-being. From in-office activities to online mindful moments, trivia and challenges, as well as a monthly podcast, their efforts aim to inspire and nurture fellow team members. Kristen approaches her work with a person-first mindset, carefully considering the emotional and mental needs of team members to ensure they thrive in their roles.


Pascale Mapleston

CEO & Founder, The Benefit Code

Pascale’s passion is working with organizations to create flexible benefit and wellbeing programs that increase employee engagement, productivity, and happiness through a focus on healthy outcomes and  offerings that engage health and culture.


Pascale has a focused commitment to turn data into meaningful and impactful organizational growth by custom building solutions and using science and technology to implement programs for tackling health and disease states within an organization that lead to improved results and a focus on proactive cost management 

Kristen Dempsey.jpg

Sandi Young

Vice President Human Resources, Clarion Medical Technologies

Sandi Young is the Vice President Human Resources at Clarion Medical Technologies. Sandi’s passion and focus on the well-being of Clarion’s staff is noteworthy. Sandi develops genuine relationships with colleagues and partners with ease. Sandi is the kind of leader who inspires others to maximize their own talents and believe in themselves. Throughout her career and in particular through the challenges of a pandemic she has set in place programs and protocols to promote and encourage well-being, safety and a positive framework for all. Sandi’s leadership extends to the community where she is a well-respected mentor and volunteer. As the Cabinet Chairperson for the United Way she has a compassionate understanding of needs in the community. Those who come into contact with Sandi professionally or personally are touched by her genuine warmth and positivity. Throughout her life there have been accomplishments and setbacks personally and professionally. Having an understanding of self-care and mindfulness has been essential for her overall success. Communicating to others the message of education in mental health and overcoming stigma is an ongoing responsibility.

Sangeeta LinkedIn.jpg

Sangeeta Bhatnagar

SB Global Human Capital Solutions / GTACC Chair

Sangeeta founded SB Global Human Capital Solutions in 2008 as a boutique firm specializing in Talent Acquisition, Retention and Development of top-talent.

Sangeeta focuses on the human experience across all industries and channels, understanding both the employee and customer experience.

With over 25 years of experience Sangeeta has partnered with several top-tiered companies helping create teams utilizing the Model of Human Behaviour, Positive Communication Strategies while building Emotionally Intelligent and Adaptable teams.

Sangeeta is a frequent contributor to various publications where she has written about subjects such as Recruitment, Retention & Development, DISC Personality Styles, Adaptability, Emotional Intelligence, Soft Skills & Creating Memorable Employee / Customer Experiences. Sangeeta is also a contributing author for four Amazon best-selling books.

Sangeeta is a frequent speaker at conferences and a regular speaker on webinars focused on creating memorable human experiences.

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