Gain and Retain Great Customers & Talented Employees: The Benefits of Winning a GTACC Achievemen

How can winning an Achievement Award from GTACC boost your business? Leaders from last year’s winners, Moneris, Gatestone & Co. and LoyaltyOne, share how winning attracts new customers and talented employees.

Moneris - GTACC 2016 Achievement Award winner for “Client Centricity”

“Moneris’ truly exceptional customer care is a point of differentiation for our business and something our competitors can’t replicate",” says Richard Antosik, Director, Customer Experience at Moneris. “Customer centricity happens before a customer even speaks with someone in our call centrecenters .” To create a truly customer -centric approach, "We use survey data and social media to listen to our merchants and engage with them. Research ensures everything we do focuses on meeting new and existing merchants when and where they want to talk to us. That makes it easy for them to work with us.”

According to Richard, Moneris features their GTACC Achievement Award win in advertising campaigns because, “Winning this award is a testament to Moneris’ commitment to a customer centric approach.”

In addition to attracting new customers, this award encourages top notch talent to join Moneris. Richard says, “Our focus on excellence - and reputation for excellence - attracts great people. We promote our awards as proof of this. People coming into an organization want to be surrounded by smart people who will elevate their learning.” This infusion of great talent enables Moneris to continually evolve their solutions based on customer demand.

Gatestone & Co. - GTACC 2016 Achievement Award winner for “Service Consistency”

“We featured our GTACC Award win through several marketing channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, trade show promotional gifts, marketing brochures, our website and client presentations”, says Grace Yeh, Director, Business Development & Client Relations at Gatestone & Co. ( )

“GTACC’s network across the Greater Toronto area gave Gatestone an opportunity to introduce our organization. This award sets us apart from other industry competitors, as a leading call centre provider offering exceptional levels of customer service.”

In addition to gaining new customers, winning the award helps Gatestone attract and retain great employees. “Everyone wants to work for an organization that has a culture of service excellence. The GTACC Award for Service Consistency validates this core value”, says Grace. Gatestone promotes their GTACC award internally through, “TV screen announcements, pull up banners located throughout our offices and floor-to-ceiling wall panel posters.” Graces adds, “The majority of our workforce are millennials who strive for a fast-paced environment, with a culture of service excellence.”

LoyaltyOne - GTACC 2016 Achievement Award winner for “Giving Back”

“This award provides credibility for our existing culture of volunteerism” says Rachael Stolberg, Corporate Responsibility Consultant, Workplace Services at LoyaltyOne ( .) “This win helped further our conversation with our great charitable partners”, Rachael said. “Our partners, current and future, want to ensure they are engaging with organizations that have a firm commitment to being good corporate citizens, and support their associates in pursuing their passion.”

Winning also attracts and retains talented employees. “GenZers and millennials often look to employers to not only be good, authentic corporate citizens; but to help them reach their social goals.” Rachael noted, “LoyaltyOne has designed our corporate responsibility programs and goals with this in mind. This GTACC award confirms our strategy is making the desired industry impact.” She adds, “We want to retain talent by enabling associates to get involved in social issues they are passionate about and enable unique opportunities to get involved outside of their day-to-day roles through volunteerism. We also provide the space to innovate when it comes to unique community charitable partnerships.”

As an added bonus, Rachael found, “This award invigorated our associates as a result of being recognized for the charitable work they are already doing. While most do not seek ‘formal recognition’ for something they enjoy doing and are passionate about, it’s wonderful to be recognized authentically for doing great work.”

Congratulations again to our GTACC 2016 Achievement Award winners! Their prove being industry recognized leaders helps attract and retain new customers and great employees.

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About the author:

Mike Aoki is the President of Reflective Keynotes Inc. ( ), a Canadian training company that helps contact centres improve their sales and customer retention results. A contact centre expert, Mike has been interviewed by the Customer Experience Show and the Globe and Mail. He also serves as a contributor and influencer on the Advisory Council of GTACC (the Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre association )

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