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Rising Above

2020 GTACC


SEPT 17th, 2020

Celebrating Stories of Courage

and Leadership



The awards are in and the celebration is about to start!   We are so excited to celebrate all of the amazing professionals and companies who have risen above to provide outstanding customer experiences!  


Visit here on September 17th, on or before 4:15pm, for the link to our Awards show.    

To watch in full screen mode or if there are any  issues watching on our site, you can visit our YouTube channel and watch it directly on YouTube.



Ian Tarrant pic.jpg

Ian is Director, Digital Transformation at MCAP Service Corporation (, one of Canada’s largest Mortgage Finance Companies.
A contact centre leader and coach for the past 15 years in multiple industries, his dedication towards employee engagement efforts culminated in the achievement of his team’s 2 successive Contact Centre Employer of Choice ‘Gold’ awards at MCAP. His current role has him leading the organization’s transformation efforts to improve the homeowner experience through the leveraging of people, process and technology.


Ian is passionate about customer service and the correlation between their satisfaction, and that of the employees that service them. He currently resides in the Kitchener-Waterloo area with his wife Charlotte, and their 4 children.

Host & Keynote


fredoriginal (2)-1.jpg

Frederick Beason is an award winning, strategic and dynamic Senior Leader with extensive experience in contact centre operations, digital service channels, leadership development, customer service, people management and employee engagement.


Frederick has been instrumental and a key player in the organizations he has worked for in achieving global and national awards, designations and recognitions for contact centre operations, customer service excellence and building superior employee experiences.


Frederick’s track record includes improving customer satisfaction outcomes, exceeding key performance indicators, leading and executing wide-ranging corporate and departmental initiatives aimed at improving business processes and implementing forward thinking solutions. Frederick is an inspirational speaker who believes in transferring and sharing his knowledge gained through years of experience supporting and coaching individuals on pursuing professional and personal growth.

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