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  • There is no cost to recognize your people and teams with a GTACC 2021 Excellence Award.  

  • Deadline for applications is April 16th.  

  • If you are submitting for more than one award category, please make sure you are using the correct form (each form can be reached from the awards page here

  • If you are submitting for more than one award in a single category, you need to complete this form for each award recipient, however, to reduce your time, the form has been made simpler.  So you can spend more time sharing each story and less time completing annoying fields!

  • Plus, if you need any help, we have a handy guide to help you.

  • Please note this form is NOT and RSVP to the actual event.  You MUST still RSVP.

    • Once you have submitted, your browser should be automatically redirect to a thank you page where you can RSVP OR submit more awards.  In case the redirect does not work, we are also providing the link to RSVP here

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