Thursday, Nov 8th, 2018

Featured Workshop

Mapping the Employee Journey
Led by Neal Dlin, Chief Customer Obsessed Officer, Chorus Tree

Mapping the Employee Journey - Neal Dlin, Chief Customer Obsessed Officer, ChorusTree


There's no question that companies get the importance of mapping the customer journey and those who are winning have all done an excellent job of this across all touchpoint and possible variations.  Surprisingly then, that in an age of servant leadership where the employee experience is a known driver of the customer experience, very few organizations have mapped their employee journeys.  


In this workshop we will explore how Sonnet Insurance challenged some very common practices and used their front line Employee Journey map as the foundational playbook that guided how their contact centres were built and run.  Doing so helped them to achieve not only some remarkable employee engagement outcomes such as attrition under 10%, absenteeism under 5% and top quartile employee engagement as measured by Aon Hewitt, but also outstanding customer outcomes including Net Promotor Scores over 75%, Customer Satisfaction scores of 95% and numerous industry awards.   


This will be followed by a hands on mapping exercise where you will:

  • Learn what matters most to employees and how disconnects and even long standing contact centre best practices they experience on their journey can be sending them unintended messages that are working against your goals.

  • Blue sky what an ideal journey could look like with consideration for how it will drive the outcome your organization is looking for.

  • Walk away with real takeaways that you can start to implement in your organization right away.

If you are open to challenging some of the most common practices and understand that to be customer centric is to be employee centric, then this session might help you find a highly sustainable path to some outstanding results and/or improve on even existing great results.  

Neal Dlin - Chief Customer Officer, Chorustree

Neal is a Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) expert with over 20 years of operational and thought leadership experience.  Neal is also a Certified JD Power Contact Centre Certification Consultant. 

An unapologetic customer and employee experience enthusiast, Neal is considered to be a visionary and challenger to the status quo.

Neal is a regular speaker, contributor and blogger on CX, EX and Leadership.  

In addition to his professional work, Neal is a proud father of three, a singer, songwriter, musician, performer, producer and fundraiser at Unsung Heroes Productions, who believes in one's obligation to give back.