Thursday, Nov 8th, 2018

Featured Session

Adoption...the hidden constraint
Led by Bruce Simpson, Partner, Switchgear

Adoption...the hidden constraint - Bruce Simpson, Partner, SwitchGear


Many Innovators are starting to tackle the problem beyond Innovation. As companies begin to understand the importance and how to innovate … the big constraint is becoming how to get Adoption.


Unbridled beliefs of Innovate!  Disrupt yourself!  Go Fast, and Fail Faster!  … can create a downpour that causes Customer-facing teams to be overwhelmed and get stuck. Product, Marketing, and “the needs of the business” are driving innovation at a pace we all joke about … unless you are the human who has to interface directly with customers or the leader of this Team.

This giant Interactive Workshop will focus on:

  • What is preventing Adoption, and keeping companies from getting an ROI for all their efforts?

  • What are the front-runners doing to isolate constraints and install sustainable progress?

  • What are the repeatable Steps; the sequential Map for how teams progress from one plateau to the next.

If you feel that following-the-herd will not get you where you need to go, and believe there might be an easier way to help your organization evolve and remain relevant, then this session will help you take some ATTaction!

Bruce Simpson - Partner, Switchgear

Since helping build his first Call Centre in 1989, Bruce Simpson has been living inside Sales + Service Teams for 30 years. Bruce’s first 10,000 hours came as an in-house Operator in Healthcare and Telcom (during the big disruption of long-distance competition). His second 10,000 hours came as the COO and Co-Founder of a 3rdParty Outsourcer (NDR / ClientLogic / Sitel) executing the Customer Experience on behalf of othercompanies. For the last past 15 years Bruce has become a trusted co-pilot for BIG change, helping leaders who are not only trying to change culture and elevate performance but have realized they need a make-over on how they work and even how their people think.