GTACC Achievement Awards


GTACC Achievement Awards

Increased industry recognition, sharing best practices, and improved performance on key metrics.

These are a few of the benefits your contact centre could gain from participating in the GTACC Achievement Awards.

Is your centre making a difference?


The annual GTACC Achievement Awards recognize contact centres who made a difference by:

  • creating or evolving a culture of giving back
  • generating greater service consistency for their customers
  • enhancing their customers' experience

Whether this difference is adopting tried and true practices or breaking new ground, the GTACC Achievement Awards are about recognizing continuous improvement efforts, corporate responsibility, and the initiatives that moved your contact centre forward.

The GTACC Achievement Awards process recognizes your efforts through objective validation as you:

  • Increase employee pride and engagement
  • Increase trust in leadership
  • Improve performance on key metrics such as Customer Satisfaction
  • Lower costs
  • Impress the C-level
  • Learn and grow

The GTACC Achievement Awards not only provide industry peer recognition for your efforts, the journey itself has many benefits. It allows for a critical and in-depth review of operations, it generates new thinking, ideas and learning, as well as helping create an innovation culture. Reflecting back on your achievements creates a sense of team pride and motivation to improve.


Award recipients will receive:

  • An attractive award to prominently display
  • Recognition from your peers and your industry
  • Opportunity at the Annual Conference to share the journey that lead to your achievement
  •  A high traffic position on the GTACC website honouring your achievement
  • Coverage in a national contact centre publication
  • Unlimited use of the GTACC Achievement Award logo

GTACC Achievement Awards – How it works!


Step one: Go to the ‘Join us” icon on the homepage.  Become a member by filling out the application.  If you need assistance, please contact us through the website and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  
Step two:  Download the Application Form here , complete and submit by no later than August 1, 2017.
Step three: All entrants submissions will be acknowledged immediately. See time table below for milestones.

Award Categories

Each Company will submit an application form demonstrating their achievement in one of three categories (see below or the application form for additional detail):

  • Giving Back
  • Service Consistency
  • Client Centricity 

Each category submission will be scrutinized and scored by the judging panel. The GTACC Achievement Awards judging panel is made up of industry experts and practitioners from the Canadian contact centre industry. Scoring will be applied to each element within each award category, so the more relevant detail the better. Each award category will be scored independently. 


Any contact centre is eligible to sign up for one, two or three awards. Participating contact centres will compete in one of two divisions:  small/medium (250 seats or less) or large (greater than 250 seats). All participating contact centres must also meet the following criteria:
  • The contact centre must have been in existence for a minimum of one year
  • Must primarily be an “in-house” Canadian contact centre, with a physical presence in Canada

Information to Submit

The application form will include:
  • Standardized performance metrics that demonstrate your achievement
  • Written narrative describing your initiative, journey, or best practice, as well as details of the strategy used and the final outcome
  • Optional additional supporting material such as pictures, videos, or client testimonials

2016 Award Timelines
Item Timeline
     Category Submissions      May 1 - August 1, 2017
     Assesssment Process - determine winners      August - October 2017
     Award Presentation - GTACC Conference      November 2, 2017
     Publish winners      November/December 2017

Media Partner

GTACC is pleased to partner with Contact Management magazine, Canada’s leading publication for contact centre news.


Entry fees for each Achievement Award category are as follows:
  • Small & Medium Sized Centres (less than 250 seats): $150 per category
  • Large Sized Centres (Greater than 250 seats): $300 per category
Note: If you are competing in more than one category, a 10% discount applies.
Category Descriptions

    Category one: Giving Back Award
The Giving Back category is just that. It recognizes contact centres that put their time, energy and heart into giving back to their communities. It can be as small as a bake sale in the cafeteria to organizing a centre-wide CN Tower climb. All contact centres that submit an entry will be recognized at the GTACC Annual Conference and listed on the website. A certificate of recognition will be presented at the conference.

  Category two: Service Consistency Award
Achieving consistent exceptional service is a challenge across the industry. With customers having increased accessibility to service regardless of channel, it is no wonder that service organizations struggle. This award category is your opportunity to showcase a change(s) made in past years that improved your consistency in delivering truly exceptional customer experiences.

  Category three: Customer Centricity Award
The customer is number one. We all know how important this is. But how do we ensure this is a core belief and cultural cornerstone in the contact centre?

Being a customer-centric organization means that your customers’ voice is embedded in your strategies and the organization is structured to be agile and ready to evolve with changing customer expectations and market conditions. This takes significant planning, process redesign and buy-in to achieve and sustain. This category allows you to share a recent achievement or new best practice that was implemented in your organization in the past year where customers noticed the difference in their experience. Share your journey in how you created and maintained a customer centric organization.

Terms and Conditions

All submissions become the property of GTACC. All submissions must be received by GTACC on or before the scheduled deadlines. Any submissions received after the deadline, may not be assessed. The determination of finalists by the GTACC judging panel is final. All award winners (organizations and participants) agree to allow GTACC to publish and promote their names and selected information in association with the award. All participating organizations agree to have their submission information used for industry trend analysis and benchmark reporting.  

Privacy Statement

The GTACC Achievement Awards program is committed to protecting the privacy of the people and organizations that participate through professional and responsible management of information received. GTACC adheres to, and is compliant with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Award submissions are confidential between the submitting organization and the GTACC Achievement Awards program. GTACC follows strict ‘industry-standard’ safeguards and controls to protect all personal information (including scheduled shredding or deleting of data, encryption, data stripping, and password protection). No personal or corporate information will be sold or distributed to a third party under any circumstances.  
Note: Data will only be used to substantiate the categories and will only be shared in aggregate form with other submissions – information may be used to provide trend analysis and benchmarking. |
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